Building Department

The Village of Burnham’s Building Department is responsible for administering construction, standards and zoning regulations. The department issues construction related permits and conducts inspections of all Village construction in various stages of progress.

A permit is legal authority to begin a project and triggers the inspection process. Inspections are performed at various stages of a project to ensure compliance with construction codes. Although compliance with the codes does not eliminate all risks, it does reduce risk to a level considered acceptable by a consortium of code officials, fire officials, construction trade organizations, insurance carriers. Permits and inspections assure that a project meets accepted minimum standards for safety and durability. Permit fees are based upon the cost of the project.


To work as a contractor in the Village of Burnham you must apply for a contractor’s license. For a Contractors or Landscaping license, the following is required: An indemnity bond payable to The Village of Burnham and a Certificate of Insurance. In addition to the bond and certificate of insurance, plumbing and roofing contractors must submit a copy of their state license. Electricians must submit their supervising electricians’ licenses.

Building Permits

Building Permits are a legal requirement of all new construction and most home improvements including demolition, new, replacement and/or property improvement projects. Any work governed by the building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing codes or zoning ordinances require a building permit and inspections for compliance with relevant regulations. Examples include:

Any new structure or addition to an existing structure such as:• Fences• Garages• Decks• Sheds• Porches & Patios• Hot tubs & Swimming pools

Alterations such as:• Finishing a basement• Room additions• New Windows• New Cabinets• Counter tops• New gutters/downspouts• Cutting of any wall.

Any work involving the alteration of electrical, plumbing or heating and air conditioning system such as:• HVAC• Hot tubs/Swimming pool• Sewer Connections.

Any repairs or alterations to: • Asphalt• Concrete• Stairs• Electricity• Water or sewer connections.

The purpose of a Building Permit is to protect the safety and welfare of citizens in the environment.

Examples of improvements and repairs that do not require a permit are:• Painting and wall papering• Installing stick on tile flooring• Installing or refinishing trim work such as baseboards, crown moldings, chair moldings, or interior doors and trim.

For more information, please contact the Village of Burnham’s Building Department at (708) 862-9150.